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Bestseller No. 1
Espresso Republic - Helios House Blend - Specialty Coffee - 12oz Whole Bean
  • Helios House Blend - 12 oz Whole Bean
  • Roasted to order to ensure freshness for peak of flavor and ultimate enjoyment
  • Sustainably Sourced - Hand Picked - Micro Roasted - Specialty Coffee
  • Espresso Republic - Headquartered in Chino, California. We believe that great coffee should be enjoyed by everyone. No matter how you like to drink your coffee, we are here to serve you. Great coffee is our obsession and we want to share that with you.
  • Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life
Bestseller No. 2
Whole Coffee Bean Italian Espresso Medium Dark Roast - FORTE by Filicori Zecchini. Arabica and Robusta Blend. Roasted then blended. Made in Italy since 1919 - 2.2Lb (1kg) Bag
  • BOLD, DARK MEDIUM ROAST. Perfect for: Espresso Coffee, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte. FRESHNESS: Filicori Zecchini whole coffee beans are packaged in a special multilayer box that keeps oxygen away to guarantee total impermeability. This allows you to enjoy a product with superior taste. The special one-way valve placed on the bag allows the air to exit the package but not to enter it. It will keep the beans fresh and flavourful until the expiration date indicated on the bag.
  • WE ROAST THEN BLEND, THEY BLEND THEN ROAST: Each kind of coffee bean needs its specific roasting procedure. We roast each kind of coffee at perfection before creating the blend while other companies blend all together and then roast. Not surprisingly all our whole coffee beans have the same color while other companies don’t.
  • SAME FLAVOUR ALL YEAR ROUND, GUARANTEED. We have been buying our coffee from the same farms for the past decades and know exactly what we are getting: premium quality coffee beans. Most other companies buy their coffee based on lowest price, often by corner-cutting farms. That’s why our espresso coffee always taste the same, all year round. Guaranteed.
  • CERTIFICATIONS and ORIGIN: we are 1 of 5 Italian companies home to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Academy and all our products are GMO Free Certified and have a Quality Certification by the Italian Institute of Espresso. Our coffee grown in a socially and environmentally responsible way, by farmers with sustainable family businesses they depend on. We have been buying our coffee from the same farmers for decades, building a long standing relationship with them.
  • FILICORI ZECCHINI | IN THE COFFEE BUSINESS SINCE 1919 - our coffee is served in more than 3,500 coffee shops all through Italy and we are recognized as “Espresso Specialist”. The two families, FILICORI and ZECCHINI, still own and run the company in Bologna since 1919. We are one of the oldest and most recognized espresso coffee brands in Italy.
Bestseller No. 3
Espresso Republic - Angeleno Dark Roast - Specialty Coffee - 12oz Whole Bean
  • Angeleno Dark Roast - 12 oz Whole Bean
  • Roasted to order to ensure freshness for peak of flavor and ultimate enjoyment
  • Sustainably Sourced - Hand Picked - Micro Roasted - Specialty Coffee
  • Espresso Republic - Headquartered in Chino, California. We believe that great coffee should be enjoyed by everyone. No matter how you like to drink your coffee, we are here to serve you. Great coffee is our obsession and we want to share that with you.
  • Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life
Bestseller No. 4
Grumpy Mule Snapshot Espresso Whole Bean Coffee - 12 oz (340 grams). Fair Trade + Rainforest Alliance Certified from Sumatra, Colombia and Honduras.
  • Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Light roast
  • Great as an espresso shot or with milk
  • Zipper closure bag for easy storage
  • Roasted in small batches and shipped to Amazon frequently to ensure freshness
Bestseller No. 5
Santo Domingo Espresso Coffee Cafe 2 Bags
  • Coffee from The Dominican Republic is great for roasting dark, developing a sweet,
  • Hard-candy taste without the bitterness of many dark-roast coffees.
  • Always Fresh!! Shipped directly from the manufacturer, using the most recent production available.
  • Special Offer 2 Foil Packed Bags 16oz each
  • 100% Arabica Coffee with all the taste & aroma of the Dominican Coffee
Bestseller No. 6
Santo Domingo Espresso Coffee Cafe 1 Lbs.
  • GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT: This product page is for: 1 pound - 1 bag of The most loved coffee from Dominican Republic ( garanteed ) / El cafe Dominicano mas amado ( garantizado ): "CAFE SANTO DOMINGO". This edition on this listing is espresso ground coffee; especially for espresso coffee machines ( this coffee has the finest grind ). This special coffee is a rich-flavored, dark roasted, top quality coffee; the pride and joy of Dominicans !!! it's recognized worldwide for its tasty flavor and unique aroma, considered one of the best coffees in Latin America and the world. Here in Dominican Republic the daily routine starts with the aroma of "SANTO DOMINGO COFFEE" every morning... doesn't matter where you are; in the country side, at the city, everywhere... that's what helps us have a great day!!! You will receive a top quality product packed with its ORIGINAL, UNTOUCHED AND SEALED PACKAGE DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURING COMPANY: "INDUBAN" ( almost 70 years producing the coffee ). We really invite you to be part of our pride... If you have tasted it you know is amazing and if you haven't tried this excellent-top quality coffee, we recommend you to because we're sure you won't regret and very probably you will be ordering again soon !
  • PRODUCTION AND EXPIRATION DATE: This Dominican item will last ( expire ) 2 complete years from manufacturing date due to its high quality and sealed package.
  • 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT COFFEE AND CAFFEINE: 1) Caffeine is a bitter substance found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts, and certain medicines, it’s a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant, and is used both recreationally and medically to reduce physical fatigue and to restore alertness. With moderate doses it produces increased wakefulness, faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination. The amount of caffeine needed to produce effects varies from person to person, depending on body size and degree of tolerance. Effects begin less than an hour after consumption, and usually wear off in about five hours. 2) Legend has it that Ethiopian shepherds first noticed the effect of caffeine when they saw their goats appearing to become frisky and "dance" after eating coffee berries 3) Originally, coffee was eaten by African tribes mixing coffee berries with fat which formed edible - energy balls. 4) The rise of Islam contributed greatly to the popularity of coffee. The religion prohibits drinking alcohol, but coffee was consider an acceptable drink. 5) All coffee in the world grows in the Bean Belt - the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Caprison. Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that grows coffee. 6) 70% of the world consumes Arabica coffee, which is mild and aromatic. The remaining 30% drinks Robusta, which is more bitter-tasting, but has 50% more caffeine than Arabica coffee. 7) Coffee can grow up to 30ft tall on trees, but cultivated to be around 10ft tall for easy picking. 8) The bean is actually a seed inside bright red berry. 9. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth. 10) George Washington invented instant coffee. A Belgium man living in Guatemala by the name of George Washington (not the president) invented it in 1906.
  • WHY CHOOSING ESPRESSO-GROUND COFFEE INSTEAD OF TRADITIONAL GROUND COFFEE ?: First of all Espresso Coffee is a “method” of making coffee which involves a “machine” that brews coffee by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Espresso method generally produces coffee thicker than coffee brewed by other methods, has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, and has crema on top ( literally cream, a creamy foam on the surface of the coffee ). As a result of the pressurized brewing process, the flavors and chemicals in a typical cup of espresso are very concentrated. Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than most beverages, but the usual serving size is smaller. So for this listing, these coffee beans are ground very finely, much finer than “traditional ground coffee”. So if you have a coffee machine and you want to make very strong coffee ( high volume of caffeine ) this type of coffee here is the right for you.
Bestseller No. 7
Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Bali Blue Moon Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Bean, 2 Pound Bag
  • PREPARE YOURSELF - ORGANIC BALI BLUE MOON IS OVERWHELMINGLY RICH with Syrupy Dark Chocolate Notes, A Creamy Mouthfeel and a Spicy Finish. Our All-Time Best Seller!
  • SINGLE-ORIGIN FROM THE KINTAMANI HIGHLANDS, BALI. USDA Organic. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Bourbon and Typica Varietals.
  • COFFEE FOR EVERYBODY - sustainably sourced and Proudly Roasted, Blended, and Packaged in USA.
  • All Our Coffees are Roasted in Our Environmentally Friendly Loring Roaster.
  • Available in Whole Bean as 2 lb and 5 lb Bags. Packs of Three 12 oz Bags Available as Whole Bean or Pre-Ground Coffee.
Bestseller No. 9
República Organic Signature Coffee Beans, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, 1kg/35.3oz bag
  • AUSTRALIA’S #1 ORGANIC COFFEE: República Organic Signature Coffee Beans are 100% Arabica gourmet blend. This medium roast blend has notes of subtle, smooth caramel. Grown at high altitude and sourced from places like Colombia home to some of the worlds best tasting coffee. Start your day with Republica, you're worth it!
  • GOOD FOR PEOPLE AND PLANET: Organically grown without the use of harsh fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals so you can feel confident that you are getting a clean, sustainable cup
  • TAKE PRIDE IN MAKING THE ETHICAL CHOICE: We only purchase Fair Trade certified coffee beans because we want you to be sure that the hard-working farmers are paid fairly so that they can support their family, have access to healthcare and proper nutrition, and continue to farm sustainably. Your purchase supports this mission
  • HAPPY PEOPLE MAKE A HAPPY PLANET: Take time out with friends and enjoy every velvety sip of this gourmet blend. Join us to make the world a better place, one delicious tasting coffee at a time. You deserve it
  • THIS WHOLE BEAN COFFEE CAN BE GROUND TO SUIT YOUR PREFERRED BREWING METHOD: espresso, drip, pour-over, or French Press. It's your choice, enjoy! Each bag contains 1kg/35.3oz whole bean coffee
Bestseller No. 10
Santo Domingo Coffee, 16 oz Bag - 4 Pack, Ground Coffee - Product from the Dominican Republic
  • Flavor notes: Hazelnut, vanilla and caramel.
  • Roast: Medium roasted.
  • Roasted and packed in the Dominican Republic.
  • Suggested brewing method: Drip Coffee Maker - Italian Moka - French press - Pour over method.
  • Kosher certified - Gluten free.

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